WorkSource Washington Job Application

If you are looking for a job in Washington, you are likely to find the WorkSource Washington portal useful. At any given point in time, there are thousands of jobs posted on the WorkSource Washington portal, which you can search through to see if there is one that suits you. The Washington WorkSource portal is powered by the Monster job listings engine, and initiating a job search on the portal is so easy. WorkSource Washington is, of course, not just a job listings portal: on it, you can find lots of other resources that are likely to be of considerable help to you if you are trying to build a career. For instance, on the WorkSource Washington portal, you can access career advice, training, veterans resources, dislocated workers resources… and so on. But our focus here will be on the aspect of searching  and applying for a job through the WorkSource Washington portal.

Requirements for WorkSource Washington jobs application

To search and apply for jobs through the WorkSource Washington portal, you only need to be equipped with a computing device that has a browser application and that is connected to the Internet.

Steps to follow when applying for jobs through WorkSource Washington

  • Firstly, you need to go to the WorkSource Washington portal. To do this, you need to put your computing device on, and then launch the browser application. Then you need to enter the address/URL for the WorkSource Washington portal into the browser application. The address/URL we have just made reference to is provided in the ‘links’ section of this article. When you enter that address/URL into your browser application, you are taken straight to the WorkSource Washington portal.
  • When you get to the WorkSource Washington portal, on the landing page, right at the top, you will find the tools you need to initiate a job search. At the top of the page, next to the WorkSource graphic at the top, you see somewhere where it says ‘search thousands of jobs on WorkSource Washington’. Below that is a space provided for you to enter a title, keyword or job number. And next to that is a space whose placeholder text says ‘where’ – and this is where you are supposed to enter the location you’d prefer to work at. Fill in these details — that is, a job title, keyword or job number into the first space, and a location into the second space. Then click on the ‘Search’ button that is next to the spaces – or simply hit the ‘enter’ key on your keyboard.
  • WorkSource Washington will then return the relevant results, representing open jobs that meet the criteria you entered. Click on the respective listings, to see what the requirements, terms and conditions and remunerations for the respective jobs are. For each opening, there is an ‘Apply Now’ button you can click on, in order to make an application.


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