Create a CareerBuilder Account

The CareerBuilder portal is one where you can find an ideal job without struggling too much. There are two approaches you can use, while trying to find an ideal job through the CareerBuilder portal. The first of those approaches is the one where you carry out a search on the CareerBuilder website, to find the available job openings, which you can then proceed to apply for. The second approach is the one where you can add your resume to the CareerBuilder portal, so that employers who are interested in your services can contact you for interviews. Whichever approach you opt to use, it is a good idea to first take a few minutes, to create a CareerBuilder account. You can still search for jobs on the CareerBuilder portal, even without having an account there – but having an account makes it possible for you to access special features on the portal that you wouldn’t otherwise have been able to access. These are important features, and having access to them can make the difference between actually getting a job and missing out on a job.

Requirements for creating a CareerBuilder account

To create a CareerBuilder account, you need to be equipped with a computing device that has a browser application and that is connected to the Internet. One of the mandatory details you have to enter in the CareerBuilder account sign up form is an email address — which is to say that you also need to have a valid email address, for you to create a CareerBuilder account.

Steps to follow when creating a CareerBuilder account

  • Firstly, you need to go to the CareerBuilder website. To do this, you need to put your computing device on, and then launch the browser application. Then you need to enter the address/URL for the CareerBuilder website into the browser application. The address/URL we have just made reference to is provided in the ‘links’ section of this article. When you enter that address/URL into your browser application, you are taken straight to the CareerBuilder website.
  • When you get to the CareerBuilder website, on the landing page, towards the top right hand corner, you will notice a ‘Sign Up’ button. This is in between the ‘Sign In’ and ‘Post Jobs’ buttons, towards the top right hand corner. Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button.
  • When you click on the ‘Sign Up’ button, you are taken to another screen, where there is a form you are supposed to fill in, in order to get a CareerBuilder account. Fill in this form, and click on the ‘Sign Up’ button, in order to get a CareerBuilder account.


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