AOL Mail Account Sign Up and Login

For you to be able to access AOL mail, as well as the latest headlines and various productivity tools, you simply need to visit the AOL website, and sign up for an account there. Having signed up for an AOL account, you will be able to use AOL mail, which comes with unlimited storage, advanced spam protection, antivirus and up to 25 MB of multimedia (photo and video) attachments. That’s not all: for with an AOL account, you will be eligible to receive the latest headlines right from your inbox, and to access numerous productivity tools. Signing up for an AOL account takes just a few minutes, but it can open endless possibilities to you, especially with regard to communications, news and access to productivity tools.

Requirements for you to sign up for an AOL Mail account

To sign up for an AOL account, you only need to be equipped with a computing device that has a browser application and that is connected to the Internet.

Steps to follow when signing up for an AOL Mail account

  • Firstly, you need to go to the AOL website. To do this, you need to put your computing device on, and then launch the browser application. Then you need to enter the address/URL for the AOL website into the browser application. The address/URL we have just made reference to is provided in the ‘links’ section of this article. When you enter that address/URL into your browser application, you are taken straight to the AOL website.
  • When you get to the AOL website, on the left hand side of the landing page (that is, at the very top left hand corner), you will see a place where it is written ‘AOL.’. Below that is a vertical column of various icons: including the mail (envelope) icon, the search icon, the profile icon… and so on. Roll your mouse over the ‘AOL’ logo, or over the icons below it. When you do that, text appears alongside the icons, telling you what the respective icons are all about. The text beside one of the icons says ‘Sign In/Join’. Click on it.
  • When you click on the ‘Sign In/Join’ link or icon, you are taken to another screen, where on the right hand side, you are required to enter your username and password, in order to log in. Below that is a link that says ‘Get a free username’. Click on it.
  • When you click on the ‘Get a free username’ link, you are taken to yet another screen, where you are required to fill in a form, in order to get an AOL account. Fill in the required details, so as to acquire the new AOL account.

Steps to follow when Login to an AOL Mail account

  • Go to the AOL Mail Login page, and enter your username and password
  • Then click the Sign In button. If the username and password are right, you will be taken directly to your email inbox to see your mails.


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