Sephora Canada Customer Survey

For you, as a Canada-based Sephora customer, to get a chance to inform the Sephora (Canada) management team about your expectations and how they can improve their products and services, you simply need to take part in the Sephora Canada survey. While at it, you will also get an entry into a monthly drawing: where you can win a C$250  Sephora gift card. In a nutshell, the Sephora Canada survey is designed to collect customers’ candid feedbacks, so as to give the Sephora Canada management team hints on the ways customer experiences can be improved on an ongoing basis. The survey is linked to a sweepstake – whereby people who complete the survey are entered into the sweepstake – and it is through this sweepstake that you can get to win a C$250 gift card.

Requirements for you to take part in the Sephora Canada survey

To take part in the Sephora Canada survey online, you need to be equipped with a computing device that has a browser application and that is connected to the Internet. You also need to have visited one of Sephora’s outlets in Canada in the recent past as a customer.

Steps to follow when taking part in the Sephora Canada survey

  • Firstly, you need to go to the Sephora Canada survey site. To do this, you need to put your computing device on, and then launch the browser application. Then you need to enter the address/URL for the Sephora Canada survey site into the browser application. The address/URL we have just made reference to is provided in the ‘links’ section of this article. When you enter that address/URL into your browser application, you are taken straight to the Sephora Canada survey site.
  • When you get to the Sephora Canada survey site, on the landing page — towards the very bottom end of the landing page – there is a button that says ‘Begin Survey’. Click on it. Before clicking on this button, you may take some time to click on the links preceding it (on the upper section of the page). These are links to pages dealing with things like Sephora Canada survey sweepstake rules, privacy policy and past winners of the Sephora Canada survey sweepstake.
  • When you ultimately click on the ‘Begin Survey’ button, you are taken to the first page of the Sephora Canada survey. Answer the questions posed on this page, then click on the ‘Next’ button. Answer the other Sephora Canada survey questions in the subsequent screens, and after answering the last one, you will be given an entry into the sweepstake where you may win a Sephora gift card valued at C$250.



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