Sign Up for a Teacher Account is a website where you, as a teacher, can access the tools you need to help your students in the acquisition of digital literacy skills. We are living in an era where digital literacy has become a necessity for day to day living. In the educational sector, we now have a situation where many […]

File Unemployment Compensation Claim With FDEO

Through the unemployment insurance benefits disbursed by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (FDEO), you can get some money to meet your basic needs, even as you keep on searching for a new job. This means that if you are resident of Florida who qualifies for the state’s unemployment benefits, and for one reason or […]

Calculate Your Stay-at-Home Mom’s Salary

Stay-at-home moms do a lot of work, that often goes unappreciated. In fact, most of us have been conditioned to think of Stay-at-home moms as being among the most unproductive members of society. Yet if one takes the trouble to put monetary tags on the tasks that are performed by the Stay-at-home moms, it soon […]

Join IXL for Interesting Math Practice

If you are to become truly proficient in math, you need plenty of practice. In the study of math, mastery of the formulas for solving various types of problems is just one small bit of the deal. For real proficiency to be acquired, one needs to apply the newly-learned formulas numerous times – which is […]

Register for the SAT College Board

The journey towards gaining college admission normally starts with registration for SATs. It is through your SAT scores that prospective colleges are able to, among other things, objectively ascertain whether you really have what it takes to benefit from college education. SAT scores are also among the factors that highly competitive colleges look at, when […]

Find Math Jobs at

Beyond helping you to acquire proficiency in mathematics, the website also has a careers section, where you can find math-related jobs. The math-related jobs in question range from those that require advanced knowledge of math (like university math teaching and math curriculum development jobs), to those that require only a basic knowledge of math […]

Become an Avon Independent Sales Representative

By signing up to become an Avon independent sales representative, you embark on a path where you can easily end up earning a decent income, while working from wherever you wish, and at times/hours of your choosing. As an Avon independent sales representative, you probably won’t struggle a great deal to get buyers from the […]

Sign Up for Staples Rewards

The Staples Rewards program makes it possible for you to save significant sums of money whenever you buy stationery and office supplies products. Thanks to the Staples Rewards program, you have a chance to get up to 5% back (of whatever you spend at Staples), on top of getting free shipping for every order that […]

Jobcenter Plus Job Search at Directgov

The Jobcenter Plus job search feature, which is part of the UK government’s Directgov system, makes it easy for you to search and apply for jobs in the Great Britain. Whether you are interested in full-time or part-time jobs, you will find the Jobcenter Plus job search feature useful. The tool is nowadays known as […]

Snagajob Job Search

The Snagajob website is designed to quicken the job search and application process. Snagajob is unlike certain other job search portals, where you first have to register for an account (through a lengthy, time-consuming and sometimes costly process) before you can start searching for jobs. Snagajob is different in that you can initiate a job […]