Jacksonville Florida Times Union Subscription

For you to be able to subscribe to the Florida Times-Union, you simply need to visit the publication’s website, go to the subscriptions management page and, once there, click to indicate that you are interested in becoming a subscriber. You will then be given a chance to log into your Florida Times-Union online account, or […]

Submit News to Radar Online

For you to be able to submit your news tips to the Radar celebrity news publication online, you simply need to visit the Radar Online website, click to indicate that you wish to ‘email a tip’, and then fill in a simple form with info about yourself and the news you wish to submit. The […]

Subscribe to the Wichita Eagle Online Newspaper

For you to subscribe to the digital edition of The Wichita Eagle — that is, the E-Eagle digital edition — you simply need to go to the publication’s website,  click to indicate that you are interested in subscribing, and then specify that you are only interested in the digital edition. You will then be given […]

Rent a U-Haul Truck Online

For you to be able to rent a U-Haul truck online, you simply need to visit the U-Haul website and fill in a few details there, in order to generate a quote. Having gotten a quote, you will then be given an opportunity to purchase other supplies and services you may need when moving. Then […]

Hertz Car Rental Online Check In

For you to be able to undertake Hertz car rental check in online, you simply need to visit the Hertz car rental website and proceed to complete and submit the check-in form there. Opting for Hertz car rental online check-in means that you will have a very easy time when you eventually go to pick […]

New Jersey EZ Pass Login and Sign Up

For you to log into your New Jersey E-Z Pass account online, you simply need to visit the New Jersey E-Z Pass website, and enter your account number, tag number or username, alongside your password, in order to be logged in. On the other hand, for you to be able to sign up for a […]

Join and Manage OfficeMax Protection Plan

For you to access the benefits associated with OfficeMax protection plans (which are nowadays known as Office Depot performance protection plans), you need to register a plan first. This is something you can easily do through the warranty page on the OfficeMax website. It is also through the said warranty page of the OfficeMax website […]

Get Your Food Handlers Card Online

For you to work in the food service industry, you need to have a food handler card. This is a well-known legal requirement in most of the cities, counties and states. The food handler card is awarded to you after going through a certain course of training, where you (mainly) get to learn about the […]

People Magazine Customer Service

The People magazine website has a feature where subscribers who have various issues can contact the magazine’s customer service department online, in order to have the issues addressed. If, for instance, you are a People magazine subscriber, and you have missed some (print) issues of the magazine that you were supposed to receive, you can […]

Apply for Scottish Power Online Account

The Scottish Power website makes it possible for you, as a person who is interested in getting a new electricity and gas connection, to get a quote – and proceed to apply for the connection online. This puts you on the path towards being able to tap into Scottish Power’s attractive tariffs, among other benefits. […]