Renew Vehicle Registration at CA DMV (California Department of Motor Vehicles)

For you to be able to renew a vehicle’s registration at California Department of Motor Vehicles, you simply need to visit the website of the California Department of Motor Vehicles, click to indicate that you are interested in undertaking a vehicle registration renewal, and then enter the required details. In the process, you will get […]

Renew UK Driving Licence for Age 70 and Above

For you to be able to renew your British driving license, if you are 70 and above, you simply need to visit the UK.Gov website, specifically the page that deals with driving license renewals for people who are 70 and above, and click to indicate that you wish to ‘start now’. Then you will be […]

File Unemployment Claim at Virginia Employment Commission

For you to claim unemployment insurance benefits in the state of Virginia, you only need to visit the website of the Virginia Employment Commission and fill in certain forms there. On the said website, you will find all the resources you need to file your initial claim, register for work — and proceed to file […]

File for New Jersey Unemployment Benefits Online

For you to be able to file a claim for New Jersey unemployment insurance benefits online, you need to visit the website of the state’s Department of Labor and Workforce Development, and proceed to make the filing there. It is also through the website of the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development that […]

Request Jacksonville Citizen Services Online

As a citizen of the city of Jacksonville in Florida, you can request for various services online. These include license application services, building inspection services and event permit application services, among others. You can also access fee payment services online: including ambulance bill, parking ticket, building permit and car registration fee payment services, among others. […]

File Unemployment Compensation Claim With FDEO

Through the unemployment insurance benefits disbursed by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (FDEO), you can get some money to meet your basic needs, even as you keep on searching for a new job. This means that if you are resident of Florida who qualifies for the state’s unemployment benefits, and for one reason or […]

Search for US Government Jobs

By taking up a job in the US government, you stand a chance to shape the nation’s future – while also enjoying the prestige and other perks that come with US federal government jobs. The first step in the process of becoming a federal government employee is that of initiating a job search. Thankfully, there […]

File for Kentucky Unemployment Benefits Online

The Kentucky Office of Employment and Training runs a web-based system, where people who qualify for Kentucky unemployment benefits can file claims online. The said system is accessible through Kentucky’s Electronic Workplace for Employment Services (KEWES) website. Through the KEWES website, you can file a new unemployment insurance claim or request the bi-weekly benefits online. […]

North Carolina Unemployment Benefits Online Application

The Division of Employment Security, which is under the North Carolina Department of Commerce, runs a web-based system, through which people can apply for unemployment benefits online. This is to say that if you qualify for North Carolina unemployment benefits, and you are in a situation where you actually need to apply for the benefits, […]