Application for Ford Credit Financing Service Online

For you to be able to apply for Ford credit financing service online, you simply need to go to the Ford website, click to indicate that you are specifically interested in ‘finance’ and then proceed to fill in an application form. The system is designed in such a way that you get your credit decision […]

ADP Retirement Plan Login

For you to be able to manage your ADP retirement plan online, you need to visit the ADP retirement services login portal, sign into your account there, and proceed to manage your retirement plan in whichever way you wish. The need for you to manage your ADP retirement plan online (through the said portal), will […]

FedLoan Servicing Account Access

For you to benefit from the student loans servicing assistance provided by FedLoan, you need to create an account on the MyFedLoan website first. Only then would you be in a position to access the FedLoan’s online account management tool, and to work with FedLoan’s dedicated loan counselors. Those are loan counselors who can help […]

Activate My Merrick Bank Card

All newly received Merrick Bank cards have to be activated, before they can be used for anything. The Merrick Bank card recipients have two options in terms of how they can go about activating the cards. The first option is that of Merrick Bank card activation by phone. The second option is that of Merrick […]